Author: Jany Gibert More individualized work in medium In: school level> Elementary School The New Educator records PEMF For Teachers book, instructional booklet Techniques> individualized work in January 1992 · Learning and individualisation · Sequence · individual work individual work time · the individual workspace · the tools of labor individualization · individual work management techniques · joint collective work and individual work · Appendices Author: Jacques Terraza more Solitude or citizenship in: rights> rights of the child the New Educator PEMF for teachers review in May 2000 SOLITUDE oR cITIZENSHIP Author: Laurent Ott more Library of Modern school No. 50-53 – school correspondence in Library CEL Modern School for teachers review educational principles> communica tion> correspondence January 1967 Clem. BERTELOOT Daniele GERVILLIERS Janou LEMERY and their committees Authors: Clem Berteloot Daniele Gervilliers and Janou Lemery More BENP No. 1 – The technical Freinet In: Education Brochures New People For Teachers book, instructional booklet Principles> Communication> correspondence movements> Freinet movement> Freinet pedagogical techniques technical> printing pedagogical principles> co> business, educational responsibilities Techniques> free text January 1937 MONTHLY – No. 1 – September 1937 Education Brochures New People FREINET tECHNICAL Author Freinet Read When more math and arts meet and respond … in: Inventions PEMF For students For teachers review Arts Arts> visual Arts> drawing teaching Techniques> mathematical creation creations February 2004 No. 110 – Art and science published in January- Feb st 2004 (Editions PEMF) – Class PC, School of Beaussais (Deux Sevres) – Teacher: Catherine Tricoche. – Class CM Experimental School Helene Boucher Freinet in PWRs in Mons en Bar?ul (North) homework service
– Teacher: Sylvain Hannebique. Author: Industry Arts and Creations More Library of Modern School No. 11-12 – Teaching Science In: Library of the Modern School CEL For teachers journal Science and Techno April 1961 BEM 11-12 The SCIENCE EDUCATION by a group of educators from Modern School under the direction of C. Freinet Author Freinet Read more «first last»
In: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the School For students For teachers review in April 1935 Author: School of Sarcy – Marne
In: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the School For students For teachers review in October 1935 Back to contents of Enfantines Author: School Guignonville – Loiret
1 result Results The sleeping child in vital need: Health Educator The CEL For teachers review in June 1963 Author: Ginette Lamireau More
Results from 71 to 80 from 261 results BTR No. 12 – Practice of Freinet Pedagogy and Affectivity In BT and research CEL For teachers journal Education and Research> Knowledge Training and research child> Search October 1975 LIBRARY WORK AND RESEARCH No. 12 of October 20, 1975 first edition Authors: Aimee Eyraud, Annette Davias Christian Poslaniec Claude Charbonnier, Colette Hourtolle Daniel Morgen Edmond Lemery Genevieve the Besnerais George Guichon, Giordana Charuty Huguette Galtier, Janou Lemery, John Marino, Jeanine Poillot, Maria Theresa Mache Michel Vibert, Michele Poslaniec Mireille Morgen, Patrice Donnet Suzanne Charbonnier and Yveline Montlevrant more free expression and part of the master In: the New Educator PEMF For teachers review Arts teaching Principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> class organization> part of the teacher in April 1997 the exhibition, the s conferences and debates organized by the category “art and creation” of I’I.C.E.M. C.Freinet during the Centennial Congress of the birth of., wanted to take stock of plastic expression in the classroom. To see the number of conference participants, we can say that the issue continues to be relevant. We will develop into Creations or other media problems addressed but one that seemed founder of the reflection concerned “free expression” and particularly the need to introduce or not instructions for the favor. Author: Herve Nunez More Paths of expression and creation In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review educational principles> term-creation in October 2000 Whether taking any means of creativity, that we opens the door that can express what we feel, what we want to say and share with others. This is what feeds us and what will feed others because we will offer it. That’s what is beautiful! Laurence Semonin, was first teacher in the Doubs for ten years and then became author actress (Madeleine Proust – 3 nominations Molieres 88-90-96). After writing several new, she has just completed her first novel, the cries of the kite, Editions JC Lattes. Author Laurence Semonin More PART 1 DEVELOPMENT CLASS Yvin Pierre – Saint-Nazaire (44) In: For Teachers book, instructional booklet Techniques> class organization> self April 1967 1. THE POWER OF DECISION 2. APPLICATION DECISIONS: project work 3. TYPES oF INTERVENTION oF tHE eDUCATOR 4. MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT oF wORK PERFORMED CONCLUSION Author: Pierre Yvin Read more educator Proletarian No. 13-14-15 – year 1934-1935 – pRINTING SCHOOL new popular education Technique in: the Proletarian Educator Publishing printing at the School for teachers review> summary teaching Techniques> printing April 1935 pRINTING tO SCHOOL new Technique popular education and teaching Social Foundations Author Freinet Read more in free text: the New Educator For teachers review French> Writing-l layback pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method teaching techniques> Free text January 1988 The pages here are taken from a booklet to be published by P.E.M.F . in the series “Why? How?”. This is a coordinated and cooperative work shaped by D.Roycourt (school Perrigny 89000 AUXERRE Author Denis Roycourt More BENP No. 33 – Bakule In: Education Brochures New People’s Editions of Modern French school for teachers review Movements> history of education in December 1947 Although the first large. Czech teacher Bakule arrived at universal renown, the French-language literature we have about his work is extremely low. in, out of some articles in “for the New School” and “the Liberator School” we have only one study Ad.Ferriere part of the trilogy “Three pioneers of the New Education”. Still do s’ this just an interview and the very modest Bakule faded behind the home school for orphans and cripples he founded, awarding the deserved far more success than his students personal merit. Bakule tells the miserable beginnings, hazards of all kinds that had to be overcome and the development and finally the official recognition of his school became Bakule Institute. In itself, it is very reserved. We will not know anything or her childhood or her studies or its likely conflict with the reigning pedagogy and officials. It seems that for him his life began the day he gathered around him a few poor kids from the suburbs of Prague rejected, as the teacher, the school official. We will therefore be forced to stick to only, text that we have and try to unravel the causes of the success of one Ferriere calls “modern Pestalozzi”. Author: J. Husson More Messaging and telematics In writing: French Gossip For teachers review French> Scripture-reading teaching Principles> Communication pedagogical principles> Communications> ICT> Telematics Education Principles> Communication> correspondence in June 2011 Telematics is the newspaper media of wRITING. If sometimes, too often, school newspapers are diverted from their communication function, it is not possible that the writing used in telematics serve anything but convey information ………………….