Online Casino Poker Tells

Online poker

As you play online casino poker you will sometimes here people refer to “tells.” Are there actually online casino poker tells? The answer is definitely yes. What about online casino poker tells though?

One of the easier online casino poker tells to pick up is the automatic button play. Most online casino poker sites have a button, check box, or automatic play window where you can check or fold in advance of your turn. That way when it gets around to you the action is quick and your decision is already in the computer. If someone immediately checks it almost always means they got nothing in the draw and are weak. This is an example of an online casino poker tell.

In addition to picking up on the speed of play you can also see how tight or aggressive a player is when they play online casino poker by noticing how many hands they play and how many they fold. If they continually call then they are a loose player. If they continually fold then they are a tight player.

Other players are able to pick up online casino poker tells by looking at the chat box. Continual chatter by someone can tell you about their style of play. A change in their chatter may tell you they have something strong and you may be able to pick up on that. You may also notice after they suffer a bad beat that they many whine and complain in the chat box. This could easily be a sign to you that the player is going on tilt.

Whether you are playing at an online casino or at a land-based casino you can still pick up tells. The tells don’t always have to be something the player does, it could be the way they bet, their patterns, etc. Tells can be defined in various ways and you don’t want to forget that many different factors go into tells and there is not an exact science book that will give you every single tell and what they mean. You have to understand that tells can be different depending upon the person and upon the game you are playing. Just remember when playing poker that tells can be picked up and also don’t forget to disguise your own play. You probably have tells just like other people and you sure don’t want to be giving other players information about your own hand.