Why Mobile Casino Bets Trump the Biggest Bets in History

Throughout history there have been countless tales of high stakes gamblers putting it all on the line in the name of glory. From famous faces such as Archie Karas and Phil Ivey, to plucky gamblers willing to take a shot at a life-changing win, these stories make the casino world an intriguing place.

Of course, in recent years, betting aficionados have turned towards mobile casino platforms to get their kicks. However, when it comes to the biggest bets in history, the live arena is king.

Ivey’s Baccarat Brilliance

As we’ve already said, Phil Ivey is among the biggest gamblers in history and, while he too enjoys anteing up on mobile casino apps, his biggest bets have been in the live arena. During a session of Punto Banco inside London’s Crockfords Casino, Ivey won an impressive £7.7 million. To win that sort of money he was betting as much as £250,000 on a single hand.

The Bergstrom Bet

Another of the most impressive bets was made by William Lee Bergstrom. After walking into Binion’s Horseshoe with $770,000 (£543,000) in cash, Bergstrom put it all on the craps table’s don’t pass line. As the whole casino stopped to watch, the thrower rolled a seven before a stoic Bergstrom calmly collected his $1 million+ (£700,000+) winnings.

A TV Legend

The final gambler worth noting in our brief look at leading bettors is Ashley Revell. After agreeing to part in a TV show, Revell emptied his bank account and travelled to Las Vegas where he then bet £95,000 on a game of roulette. Placing his faith on red, a nervous Revell watched and smiled as the ball landed on red 7.

Smart Gamblers Play Mobile Casino Games

Of course, winning a million isn’t easy, but we’ve made sure our mobile casino app is packed with ways to help you win as much as possible. In fact, what mobile casino games such as Smart Live roulette and Jack Hammer lack in size (you can’t stake £100,000 on a single bet), they make up for in speed.

One of the main reasons our mobile casino app has proved popular with players looking to emulate Ivey and co is that you can place more bets per hour than you can live.

For example, our mobile casino roulette game’s repeat and spin feature means it’s possible for you to spin the wheel around 10-times-a-minute. Contrast this with live roulette’s two (maybe three) spins-per-minute and you can see why mobile casino gaming can be a much more lucrative option.

In fact, even if you start with a meagre bankroll of just $100, you could easily turn that into $1,000 within a few minutes by risking no more than $10 a spin. That’s something you simply couldn’t do in a live casino.

Although the biggest bets in casino history might have taken place in the live arena, we hope we’ve made it clear to you that the smartest bets in history are made inside our mobile casino app.